Versatile Camera – Concept

The Versatile Mobile Camera demonstrator describes a portable smart camera powered by the EoT device. The device is similar in design to devices such as the Narrative Clip and benefits from the advanced capabilities of the EoT platform.

There is also a cloud element to the demonstrator that provides the user interface to the device, the captured media and enhanced apps built thereon.

Other examples of secondary features include:

  • Retrieval / Browsing … by grouping images by, for example, similarity, one can offer an improved image navigation experience.
  • Cloud Applications such as a “Daily Collage” curating a single image with all the key events of the day.

The EoT device differs in its ability to do image processing locally, enabling:

  • Smart Storage (Only store what’s needed)
  • Annotation (Compile meta data for queries such as “show me all faces”)
  • Smart Alerts (Alert (e.g. to Smartwatch))

For each stored photo, the cameras stores also meta data by running each of the EoT device’s capabilities on the image to either trigger alerts, enable queries or schedule deletion.

The leading partner of this demonstrator is evercam

Versatile Camera – Development
Versatile Camera – Results