Peephole – Concept

The Peephole Door Viewer demonstrator is one of the possible uses of the EoT device, where the device is placed on the exterior part of the main door of an apartment or house. The software developed for this demonstrator is loaded in the EoT device performs an image analysis task and is able to detect if someone appears in front of the door. When such an event happens, a notification is sent to a companion device, like a smartphone or tablet.

The device will continuously monitor for motion or faces in front of the door, sending alarms and pictures to the user’s smartphone. The device does not need cables, since it functions with its own rechargeable battery.

Besides these instant alarms/notifications the device also records video clips of the detected events and send them to the user on demand.

There are three scenarios or uses cases for this demonstrator:

  • Surveillance: Once activated, the system monitors for activity (motion) at the door. If it detects some, the system starts recording at 30 frames per second and sends a motion alert to the user. The recording is sent to the user upon request. After some time without activity, the system stops recording.
  • Tampering detection: This scenario is an extension of scenario 1, where a presence has already been detected and the user informed through a first alarm on the smartphone. Now, the person in front of the door covers the peephole either blocking light completely or blurring the view significantly. The system detects this, raises a tampering alert and sends it to the user’s smartphone. The user can again request the video footage of the event.
  • Face detection: In this scenario, the user has configured the device to perform face detection via the mobile configuration application. If the system detects a face, the user is alerted and a picture of the face is sent to the user’s smartphone.

The leading partner of this demonstrator is THALES


Peephole – Development
Peephole – Results