Press and Media

Item Date
News release in UCLM web news 7/10/2014
Newspaper Lanza Ciudad Real 8/10/2014
Bringing computer vision to the masses (see min 42) 2/12/2014
News release in EVA website 6/1/2015
News release in HIPEAC newsletter (p.12) 9/1/2015
News release in CORDIS Wire 12/1/2015
EoT Brochure 12/1/2015
News release in 15/1/2015
News release in IMVEurope 15/1/2015
News release in Vision Systems Design 15/1/2015
Photos of the kick-off meeting 29/1/2015
Video report Objetivo Castilla-La Mancha (in Spanish) 29/1/2015
H2020 projects to develop crop harvester and computer vision platform. Imaging & Machine Vision Europe news release 1/3/2015
News release in Computerwoche “EU project allows IoT systems see more and longer” (in German) 5/3/2015
News release Nordic Market: “DFKI ist Partner im EU- Projekt Eyes of Things – virtuelle und erweiterte Realität” (in German) 5/3/2015
News release Digital Engineering Magazin: “Image processing : Eye for the Internet of Things” (in German) 5/3/2015
News release in Embedded CV Weekly 23/3/2015
Project entry in Computer Vision Central 31/3/2015

Cameras in Smart Cities. TechInsight Berlin March 2015


The Internet of Things needs Eyes of Things, in Novus Light Technologies Today


Kein »Internet of Things« ohne »Eyes of Things«, in


Augen für das „Internet der Dinge“: CPS plus Bildverarbeitung, in Industrielle Automation


Das Internet der Dinge bekommt Augen, in Elektrotechnik

Cyber-physical Systems lernen das Sehen, in Computer & Automation 10/6/2015

The Internet of Things needs Eyes of Things, in Inspect


Giving Eyes to the Internet of Things, Blog post in EU’s ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’


Augen für das Internet der Dinge, by Prof. Didier Stricker, Computer Automation


Eyes of Things European Commission computer vision platform taking shape, in Vision Systems Design


L’intelligence artificielle, grande star du Web Summit


Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane speaks about the complexities of engineering the power of sight into machines, Websummit 2015, Dublin


Consortium Meeting release on UCLM news


Whos’s using Paho, Open Source for IoT


Google Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Research Award Pilot on UCLM news