Peephole – Results

The IFOYD application gets alarms, video clips and images generated by the EoT device. In order to achieve this, the application has different available functions:

Connect with the IFOYD application with the Eot Device. This, IFOYD and the Eot device will be paired. The first task is to select the IP address of the EoT device.

Main Menu: The main menu give access to the different functionalities: login, configuration, camera, live and detection event list.


Login: gives access to the menu seen below.

Configuration: This section gives access to three functions:

  • Send Clock will end the Smartphone time to the EoT device to setup its clock.
  • Start Face Detection will launch the detection of faces by the EoT device and the generation of cropped images.
  • Stop Face Detection stop the continuous face detection process.

Camera: gives access to the cropped images of the faces that are sent by the EoT Device and displays them on the screen.

Live: shows the live stream of the camera. The live video stream can be displayed or stopped using the command above the video.

Detection Event List: When the ‘Detection Event List’ button is pressed, the list of events recorded in the EoT device is sent to the IFOYD application. A snapshot of each event is sent with the event and displayed on the Smartphone.

Additional controls are available when a clip is replayed



Peephole – Concept
Peephole – Development