Smart Doll – Concept

The smart doll with emotion recognition demonstrator focuses on the implementation of an intelligent doll capable of analyzing and interacting with an infant in an emphatic way. Speakers and the EoT device are embedded inside the doll torso.

Two scenarios have been considered in this demonstrator targeting a usage of the interactive doll in playful situation in the first scenario and as a therapeutic tool in the second.

In the first scenario (Interactive Doll – Talk to me), the doll interacts with the infant through an audio interactive feedback based on her emotional state. Based on her emotion, the nViso emotion engine, embedded in the EoT platform, triggers predefined audio comments.

In the second scenario, (Therapy Doll –  I can help you), the doll is used to monitor and record the emotional behavior of the infant while playing with the toy. In this scenario, the doll can be used on two different modalities: recording mode and playing-recording mode.

In the recording mode, the doll passively records the emotion while the infant plays with it.

In the Playing-recording mode, the doll records the session as the recording mode and it also provides audio interactive feedback.

These recorded sessions can be downloaded through the Wi-Fi connection.

In this demonstrator, the leading partner is nViso.


Smart Doll – Development
Smart Doll – Results