EoT organizes Thematic Session on Embedded Computer Vision

The EoT Consortium is organizing a Thematic Session on Embedded Computer Vision in the HiPEAC Computer Systems Week, Oslo, May 5th 2015.

The session is expected to have key contributions from both academia and industry partners, who will provide their views and expertise. Speakers:

  • Peter Corcoran (Fotonation). “Next Generation Imaging Solutions for Smartphones”. Slides
  • Max Larin (Ximea). “Hyperspectral Imaging goes Embedded”. Slides
  • Emanuel Popovici (University College Cork). “Platforms and applications for embedded computer vision: toys, bees and safety devices”. Slides
  • Giuseppe Tagliavini (University of Bologna). “Accelerating OPENVX applications on embedded many-core accelerators”. Slides

See some photos of the event