Next Generation Museum Guide


How future technology changes the museum experience



Context Sensitive Guiding Tools

Todays museum interpretation is either based on audio guide systems or touch device apps. The new system is able to cover both paradigms but also opens up a totally new solution for museum experts & museum visitors: We will establish three use cases based on automatic exhibit detection which will generate an unprecedented, context sensitive information and interaction system for museum visitors.



Case study I: The Invisible Museum Guide
This guide will propose a solution which uses an Eyes of Things enhanced headphone device allowing automatic detection of exhibits. This reduces user interaction to a minimum and increases visit experience to a maximum. The visit is transformed into a holistic experience allowing both knowledge transfer as well as an undisturbed museum visit.

Case study II: Magic Pen
This case study will develop a tool to give visitors more control over when which content has to be provided. In this case the visitor receives a „Magic Pen” which allows to point at certain spots and then instantly provides content.

Case study III: Extended Museum Guide
Here we connect the new guiding system to more extended content and interaction using smartphones & smartwatches.


First prototypes


Ongoing work


Pilot at Albertina Museum Vienna




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